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"Care Well India trust" is a non profit organization working in India, Regd No.969/2020-21/NCT Delhi. Registered under Indian trust act 1882. Working for educational development, women empowerment and in order to enhance social equality.

Skills development is the process of (1) identifying your skill gaps, and (2) developing and honing these skills. It is important because your skills determine your ability to execute your plans with success.

Low skill perpetuates poverty and inequality but when done right skill development can reduce un- and underemployments, increase productivity and improve standards of living. Helping people develop and update their skills makes more sense even though our organisation is small; we work with tiny group but with big steps. Skills development is the process of identifying skill gaps, and developing and honing these skills. It is important because skills determine ability to execute plans with success.

Increasing development Global mega trends such as the rising urbanization and the globalization of value chains are changing the nature of work and skills demands. To succeed in the 21st century labour market, one needs a comprehensive skill set composed of: 

Cognitive skills

which encompass the ability to understand under different working conditions and complex ideas, adapt effectively to the environment, learn from experienced workers and find reasons to solve different problems. Foundational literacy and numeracy as well as creativity, critical thinking, and problem-solving are cognitive skills. 

Socio-emotional skills,

which describe the ability to navigate interpersonal and social situations effectively, and understand the problems faced by the peoples and support them include teamwork, self-control, and grit.

Technical skills

which refer to the acquired knowledge, expertise, and interactions needed to perform a specific task, including the mastery of required materials, tools, or technologies.  This skill is necessary for the productive result of the work without any hindrance.

Digital skills

very important during this digital age when everyone is affected and in touch with the digital media. It is also an cross-cutting and draw on all of the above skills, and describe the ability to access, manage, understand, integrate, communicate, evaluate, and create information safely and appropriately. With this sets of skill our NGO work achievement can be shared throughout the country and keep out progress in check.

The development of skills can contribute to structural transformation and economic growth by enhancing employability and labour productivity and helping our country to become more competitive. Investment in a high-quality workforce can create a virtuous cycle, where relevant and quality skills enable productivity growth and produce supportive labour that can respect and understand the working environment, which result in more and better employee for the different works. Investment in the education through small initiative by our organisation also helps create new leaders for the future of our society who can act without waiting for orders. This, in turn, increases the employability and productivity for both the current and future workforce. 

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